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Many politicians call themselves business leaders. What they typically mean is that they inherited or purchased a business and maintained that business; plugged along doing what the business was already doing.

This is not what Michael Markey has done. Since Michael was 14 years old, he has been building businesses from scratch, taking risks based on unconventional and innovative thinking, and turning ideas that no one thought possible into successful enterprises. He doesn’t maintain the status quo: he disrupts it.

Michael Markey is a disrupter, not a maintainer. He believes that Michigan doesn’t need more of the same. Michigan needs someone who will shake things up and make Michigan the best place to live and do business.

About Michael Markey

Michael Markey was born and raised in Michigan. He started his first business– a claw machine at a local restaurant– when he was just 14 years old. The success of his early business ventures and a Baseball scholarship helped pay Michael’s way through college.

He began his college journey in community college, then graduated with a BA in Business Administration from Eastern Michigan University, and is currently finishing his Master’s Degree at Harvard University.

During the worst financial crisis of our lifetimes, Michael started Legacy Financial Network of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Legacy Financial has been incredibly successful and has received accolades and praise across the country.

Michael learned from building successful businesses from the ground up how to disrupt the status quo and innovate with a results-focused mentality. From his years as a competitive baseball star, Michael learned to compete and always strive to be the best. He will bring these mindsets with him to Lansing when he is elected Governor come November.

Michael and his wife Vanessa have three children, who Mike says challenge and delight them every day. They also have an enormous dog, a turtle, some bunnies, a duck, and other animals that his kids have brought home to “save”.

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Committed to Making Michigan the Best

As a star baseball player, Michael and his teammates never sought to just be “better,” they always aimed to be the best. When Michael started his investment company, he didn’t set out to make the company “good,” he pushed to make it the best. Michael believes that anything short of making Michigan the best place in the nation to live, work, and do business just won’t cut it. With his background disrupting the status quo in business and investing, Michael plans to bring his creative, innovative, and disruptive unconventional thinking to Lansing and make Michigan the best in the world. Michael doesn’t believe his three children nor any Michigan children should settle for bad or mediocre schools. He believes that we should not be content until our children have the best schools in the nation. He also believes that we need to incentivize our businesses to stay in Michigan and encourage others to bring their businesses here by making Michigan the best place to do business by cutting regulations, creating tax incentives, and implementing creative business-friendly innovations. Michael isn’t looking to just make Michigan safer by merely funding our police; he plans to have the best equipped and trained police force in the country to make Michigan the safest place to live.

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